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Autumn Light Painting

Light Painting That time of year to bring out the old Pixel Stick. Cliffe Castle and St Ives this evenings target for the Pixel Stick.

Dream Sculpture, Panopticon & Waterfalls

Dream Sculpture, Panopticon & Waterfalls: #notinyorkshire Visiting a friend #notinyorkshire, so had a google for local “landmarks’. The Dream Sculpture was the closest landmark to my visit, and it was free to visit. Standing at 20 meters tall, it’s meant … Read More

Sunset chasing around Yorkshire

Yorkshire Sunset – “Great British Summer”   The comical British Summer in full swing, and a glimpse of a sunset on a Friday evening. Grabbed my camera and headed out t o 3 local beauty spots, Cowling Pinnacle, Bolton Abbey … Read More

Taking in the Yorkshire Summer

Taking in the Yorkshire Summer Living in Yorkshire is great, especially a Yorkshire Summer. From a photographer’s point of view, having all this close by is brilliant. A lot of these are taken right on my doorstep in Haworth, Oxenhope … Read More

The Living End, Live In Leeds

The Living End, Live In Leeds Second time this week seeing The Living End, and photographing them. Even better than the last one, got a free ticket and was put on the photographer list. This importantly means, first three songs … Read More

Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello, Gypsy Punk. Gogol Bordello, I’ll be honest, I’ve never really heard of them, and only saw them because of the supporting act (The Living End). While they are not to my usual musical tasting, the show & atmosphere … Read More

Haworth 1940’s Weekend 2017

Annual Haworth 1940’s weekend Haworth’s spectacular 1940’s weekend, which to date has raised almost £100,000 for charity, has announced that Pilgrim Bandits Charity, the charity formed by special forces veterans to challenge injured service personnel from modern day conflicts is … Read More

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